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TumblerSync Class

TumblerSync Class

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What is TumblerSync?

TumblerSync is a new class that has never before been offered at any other event! This class is non-instructor led, meaning that it is completely self-paced. You be able to bring your own supplies and projects to work on during this time or you can purchase project kits to work on during this time.

What is the purpose or benefit of this TumblerSync class? All presenters will be present during this class, so you will be able to meet your favorite idols and have some quality 1-on-1 help from any or all of our presenters on specific issues to your craft! Having issues on how to lay down foil or maybe you need help placing the perfect layer of epoxy? Or maybe you just want to work on a project and be able to chit chat with your favorite tumbler artist in between layers, this class will allow you to do that in a very low-key and relaxed setting!

Both Thursday and Sunday classes will both offer optional kits, so you CAN enroll in more than one class! Sunday will also be the perfect day to finish off your tumblers before you travel!

*Please note that this is not a standard instructor-led class and will not include the same supply bag as our Friday/Saturday classes. A turner will not be provided unless one is purchased. Some users in the class may be using epoxy resin.*

If turner option is selected, you will receive a 2-cup turner designed by Craft Haven or you have the option to upgrade to a DENO'S TURNER for $100 more!

Both Friday and Saturday classes will have the same projects on both optional days, so you CAN enroll in more than one class! All class tickets will include a 3-Day Weekend Pass to our vendor floor for maximum fun and shopping!

Tickets are not transferrable between dates and are non-refundable as well. Class tickets may be transferred to another attendee upon agreed terms between buyer and seller. Craftacular is not responsible for any ticket transfers.

***By purchasing this ticket, I understand that some of the materials and supplies used in the class may cause irritation, allergic reactions or other medical conditions not mentioned, as well as release potential fumes. It is my responsibility to use such materials with caution and will be my sole responsibility to bring and use PPE at my sold discretion (including, but not limited to mask and gloves). I understand that Craftacular, Craft Haven or any other vendors/sponsors will not be held liable for any incidences that many occur from the use of these product and release them from any responsibility, liability, personal and otherwise, claims, loss or damage that may arise from incidents and accidents out of my participation.

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